Celebration of Women // Heather Lam

  • In honour of International Women’s Day, we’re highlighting our incredible female instructors and managers who inspire us in and outside of the spin room. 

    We sat down with Heather Lam, one of our wonderful Icon instructors & Lululemon team member.

    What do you love most about yourself

    My smile


    What do you love most about your body

    My arms


    Tell us something about yourself we wouldn’t know

    I won a talent show singing Believe by Mariah Carey and Witney Houston


    What do you love most about this city

    The vast variety of food


    What’s your favourite place in the city

    It’s a secret 😉


    Photos by Sean Perkins


    What charity/cause are you passionate about

    Cancer prevention/ awareness


    If you were a cocktail what would you be and why

    Moscow Mule—light, with spice and packs a lot of punch.


    What’s your ultimate female empowerment song

    God is a Woman – Ariana Grande


    If you opened your Spotify, what song would be playing

    Girls need love – Summer Walker


    What’s the best song of all time

    You can’t make me choose!


    What females do you look up to in life

    Ellen DeGeneres and my mom

    Photos by Sean Perkins


    What are your guilty pleasures

    Reality TV and cookies


    What’s your favourite hobby

    Working out! (That’s a hobby, right?)


    Who was your biggest inspiration growing up

    My grade 3 teacher


    What words do you live by

    Live an inspired life


    What’s one thing you’ve always wanted to learn

    To ride a motorcycle


    What was a big moment for you in your career

    Landing a role at the head office of a major retail athletic wear company


    Catch Heather on the bike: Mondays @ 7:15AM & 4:30PM | Thursdays @ 6:30PM | Fridays @ 7:15AM

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