You Deserve Self Love – Here’s Why

  • Our Wellness Coach, Eliza is back with another instalment on self love + why we should all be giving ourselves some TLC, a little more often.

    Self-Compassion, plan and simple, is  treating yourself as you would treat a friend. You wouldn’t yell at your friend for forgetting her phone at the restaurant, would you? Yet when we are forgetful ourselves, it’s like a storm breaking loose in our minds. It’s no secret that we need to start showing ourselves more love to help improve our mental health, but did you also know there’s tons of other benefits too? Check out these 3 proven side effects of becoming your own best friend:

    1) It’s good for your immune system

    When we constantly self-criticize, it can take a toll on our immune system. Because our body doesn’t know the difference between a physical threat and a non-physical threat,  our nervous system actually responds to our negative self-talk the same way it would if we were getting attacked by a bear. Seriously. So when we’re constantly under that kind of stress, our immunity functioning decreases and can’t function as well. Practicing self-love and showing ourselves compassion can help increase immunity by lowering the amount of stress we put on body so that we are ready to fight off any bears when they do come along (hopefully never). 


    2) Healthier Body image and eating habits

    A lot of us think that we need to instill “tough love” in order to see the results we want for our bodies. We put ourselves on strict diets that just aren’t sustainable, and then get angry at ourselves for breaking them one time. Sure, you’ll get immediate results with the tough love approach, but research has shown that for sustainable, long-term change to occur, we must practice self-compassion. The studies show that self-compassion helps promote positive body image as well as helps increase the likelihood of making healthy eating choices in the long-run. 


    3) Better romantic relationships

    If this doesn’t convince you to start showing yourself some love, idk what will. Now even researchers are starting to embrace the old adage that we must first love ourselves in order to be loved by others. Self-compassion practices increases our belief that we deserve love (because you do!). When we feel like we deserve love, we allow ourselves to open up and be vulnerable with our loved ones, ultimately increasing intimacy. 

    The research on self-compassion is growing by the minute, with each study proving more and more that it’s a vital component of optimal health and well-being. It’s not a crazy fad-diet or wellness trend. Self-compassion is here to stay— might as well join the movement, right?

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