Meditation x DavidsTea

  • Need to chill the ‘f out and recalibrate?

    Good news, Meditation is back for Fall

    All levels are welcome to join. Classes will explore all different types of meditation: visualization, mindfulness, mantra, loving-kindness, the list goes on. Sessions will also include journaling, discussion time and DavidsTea to keep you toasty warm.


    I’ve never meditated before


    Most importantly, don’t feel intimidated. Meditation is not about losing total control of your mind, but focusing [for nanoseconds] and feeling your breath entering and leaving the body.

    Side effects may include the best Sunday night sleep you’ve had in a while. 


    Meditation good-to-knows


    You’re ready for your first dip into Eastwood meditate //

    • Give yourself enough time to relax + begin to unwind before your class, we recommend 10 – 15 minutes.
    • Let Eliza know if you have any allergies so she can be mindful when using scents in class.
    • Please ensure all phones are switched off + left securely in your locker prior to entering the room.
    • Dress cosy, we can guaranteed you’ll be wanting to head straight to bed after class.



    Meet your coach, Eliza


    She has East Coast roots but West Coast vibes

    Eliza is a Integrative Health Coach with a Masters in Integrative Health Studies. When Eliza’s hockey career ended after her first year at university, she had a complete identity crisis. Eliza decided to turn to mindfulness and self-compassion practices, meditation, and mind-body medicine to heal herself from the inside, out.

    Eliza now works to make others feel at peace with their mind and at home in their body.

    Keep up to date with Eliza 

    • Class Packs and Unlimited Memberships are valid for meditation sessions
    • Drop ins are also available to purchase at $19 /session

    Every Sunday from October 21st @ 7:30PM