North Shore Update

  • A Note from Jill and Craig

    To our loyal community,

    As I’m sure a lot of you have already came to this conclusion we will not be reopening the North Shore studio. After much deliberation and an ongoing legal battle with our neighbours [which is still in process] we have made the very difficult decision to keep the doors closed. The strife that has been caused with our neighbours regardless of the legal outcome – we feel, will make it incredibly difficult moving forward to grow and operate our business.

    This has been a long, painful process that to be honest leaves us feeling more than frustrated. Our team and community that were built have been nothing but wonderful and supportive since we first opened our doors 2 years ago.

    We will forever remember the relationships formed and the good times made bonding over music and sweat. Thank you is not enough for your endless patience throughout this process. We have tried our best to be forth coming and communicate at every corner. This last email may seem a bit delayed only due to the deliberation of the difficult conclusion we had to come to.

    Eastwood continues to grow and has some incredible things happening as we speak. Please join us at the Flagship Downtown and stay connected.

    If you have current classes with us and would like to use them downtown we are happy to extend packs up to one year. For all other membership inquiries, including credit requests and refunds, please email Sarah Cairns at and she will be happy to assist.

    We hope to see you in and around the studio or Deep Cove.

    All of our best wishes are with you,

    Craig & Jill Sheridan